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Tribal Flow Yoga

Tribal flow is a unique journey through fluid Yoga, deep breath work, intuitive movement and dance accompanied by the powerful live music of the “tribe” inviting you to let go and embrace a beautiful feeling of freedom and release.

Tribal flow is for anyone and everyone, no matter what age, gender or physical ability, there is something for everyone. Gopali guides you through the experience with care and compassion and no judgement or expectation, you are not expected to move in any way apart from the way that feels good for your body.

We offer drug and alcohol free events, an opportunity for some good clean conscious fun!! We create a safe space to unwind, let go, find your flow and dance your own dance because we know that movement is medicine and music is the vessel through which this medicine can be given! Just come along and be yourself 🙂

Meet the tribe:

Gopali is a lover of Yoga and dance and embraces fluidity and freedom in movement and the beautiful journey this can take you on. She creates a nurturing space and lovingly invites you to give yourself permission to feel freedom in your movement and let go of judgement and expectation.

The tribe are a group of amazingly skilled yet intuitive musicians including:

Aria Award winning music producer and Musician Govinda Doyle a musical genius and deeply intuitive guitarist and drummer, many times Dolphin Award winner Kellie Knight who weaves soulful magic with her raw and powerful vocals and Mark Smith tribal flows easy going and extremely talented and passionate Didgeridoo player.

The sound baths and Yoga Nidra are guided by the beautiful Amy King , a free spirited and inspiring yogini who takes you on a profound journey through a blissful, heartfelt sound bath and a guided meditation that can be described as nothing short of poetry.

Join the Tribe: Monthly Tribal Flow Classes

A monthly tribal flow session is held at CWA hall Coolangatta


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Tribal flow offer bookings for private events, festivals, workshops, at Yoga studios etc.

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