The Ayurvedic perspective on fasting

Gopali Dasi-Doyle Ayurveda

To fast or not to fast?


Today I am fasting for spiritual reasons, it is an auspicious day for fasting so it got me thinking about fasting as it is a popular topic right now.

So I write this from my half-delirious fasting state, so excuse me if I don’t communicate all that effectively!!

I don’t fast all that well, I’m not like oh wow I feel so much energy without food… I should do this every day.

I’m a bit more like kids back off today because you don’t want to mess with me  I’m fasting and shit could get real.

And as always “my dosha made me do it”.


The pitta aspect of me needs food to not assassinate people with my words and my Vata aspect just gets really shaky, fragile and somewhat defeated!

So as is Ayurvedas answer to most questions that relate to whether or not something is healthy, the answer lies in whether or not that thing is healthy for  YOU, the unique individual that you are. 

Yes, fasting can be very good for the body, but it must be done with the awareness of your constitution and more importantly your current state of balance.


For example, those of us with stronger Kapha ( earth and water elements) dominance generally find fasting fairly doable, they love to eat a lot but don’t necessarily need to!

A strong pitta (fire and water) dominance will usually manifest as a  strong appetite, the word “hangry” is very familiar to pittas!

Inappropriate fasting will often result in things like hyperacidity and certain death for their loved ones!

Vata (air and ether) energy is very easily disturbed by excessive/inappropriate fasting and disturbed Vata can result in so many health problems, including fatigue, anxiety and nervous system disorders.


Incorrect use of fasting is also seen as being something that will deplete Ojas, which is likened to honey, the nectar that is the result of so much hard work from a bee.

Ojas is the magical elixir that is the result of correct nutrition nourishing the tissues

( dhatus).


Good quality Ojas results in glowing skin, strong immunity, positive thinking, and a million other wonderful things depleted Ojas will result in low immunity, low energy, depression and yes a million other not so wonderful things.

There are many ways of fasting in a way that won’t deplete your body including fasting for your body type,  fasting with only liquids such as soups and juices at appropriate times, even eating earlier in the evening so your body gets an adequate break from food will provide many of the benefits of fasting.


So before you jump on the fasting train remember there is so much to consider such as the season, your unique makeup and your current state of balance.


If you are looking to learn more about how Ayurveda can empower you towards better health book in for a diet and lifestyle consultation which includes a comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan designed just for you


Now excuse me while I go and dream about what I will eat tomorrow!





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