Zenthai Shiatsu Gopali Dasi-Doyle

Zenthai Shiatsu Massage

Zenthai Shiatsu which is often  affectionately called Lazy Man’s yoga,  is a deep bodywork practice integrating the ancient healing arts of Zen Shiatsu and Thai massage along with osteopathic and remedial massage techniques.

It Includes movement and knowledge based on the five elements system of Chinese medicine. With the focused intention of relaxing the body and nervous system through stretching, aligning, and attention to relative acupuncture points, it allows the body to unlock any stagnation and free up the energy through the meridian system, bringing harmony, fluidity and balance to the structural and energetic body.


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Zenthai Shiatsu (1 hr) $90
Zenthai Shiatsu (1.5hrs) $120

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