Nurture, Nourish & Cleanse Package Kellie Knight

A deeply nourishing package combining Abhyanga and Pinda Swedana

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) is a truly unique style of a massage, it soothes the nervous system, cleanses the body and relaxes the mind. A truly nurturing experience that is beneficial for your nervous and endocrine systems, enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, improves muscle tone and brings overall balance to your body.

Pinda Sweda/Ruksha Sweda

Offering a way to find immediate relief from pain and inflammation, these therapies can relieve conditions including arthritis, stiffness and swelling of the joints, cellulite, obesity and muscle pain. Specially designed to remove toxic accumulations, this therapy massages active herbal ingredients directly into deeper tissues and ligaments through the use of a medicated bolus.


Included in this package is a  herbal foot soak, seated Ayurvedic head massage and an optional Ayurvedic detoxifying  steam to complete your experience.

NEW Nurture, Nourish & Cleanse Package $180/ $165 (concession)

Ayurvedic Massage + Pinda sweda

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