Heal & Release Package Kellie Knight

Restore & Rejuvinate Package

Massage - Ayurvedic (1 hr)

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic massage) is a truly unique style of a massage, it soothes the nervous system, cleanses the body and relaxes the mind. A truly nurturing experience that is beneficial for your nervous and endocrine systems, enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, improves muscle tone and brings overall balance to your body.

Kati Basti - Musculoskeletal treatment

A unique treatment targeting musculoskeletal disorders of the spine, shoulder and joints, as well as thoracic area. Designed to help increase flexibility and reduce pain, this ancient treatment can nourish and restore underlying tissues.




NEW Heal & Release Package $145/ $130 (concession)

Ayurvedic Massage + Kati Basti

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