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Gopali Dasi-Doyle

Hi, I’m Gopali, I’m a mum, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and counsellor.

I live with my beautiful family in northern NSW and I love yoga, meditation, nature and all things Ayurveda. I am seriously head over heels in love with Ayurveda and my goal is to share this timeless healing system with as many people as I  can!

My Teacher of Ayurveda says that you don't choose Ayurveda, Ayurveda chooses you  and I couldn’t agree more.

"Ayurveda has always been in my life in one way or another, and having the opportunity to formally study this amazing Science has felt like coming back home".

I was fortunate enough to grow up within a bhakti yoga community and because of this I was exposed to a lot of Vedic philosophy and culture from a very young age.

I actually remember browsing through an Ayurvedic book when I was quite young, maybe about 12 and just being fascinated by it all, but also it just all made so much sense, and the more I learn about Ayurveda the more I can see that  it really does just make so much sense!

The thing I love most about Ayurveda is that is incorporates all aspects of life, not just the basics of maintaining your physical health, but it also covers the metaphysical and emotional aspects of being human. It is the Science of life, it shows us how to live the best possible life and how to grow through adversity and embrace challenge and change.

Being very passionate about womens’ health, particularly emotional health delving into Ayurvedic philosophy and psychology has allowed me the most profound insights into the connection between our physical and emotional health and how we can reach a more balanced state in our lives  and this something I want to share with other women.

It has always been a major part of who I am to want to help and nurture people, which inspired me to complete my first qualification in 2010, a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in counselling, after which I worked as a counsellor and social worker in western Australia.

I really loved the work and  learnt so much and yet I felt like something was missing and  I also  felt a strong pull back to my roots in eastern culture which  eventually lead me to complete my first yoga teacher training, after which I established a boutique studio in South West Western Australia and began to teach Yoga,  Ayurvedic cooking and meditation for retreats.

For me, teaching yoga has been a beautiful way of supporting people, of giving people permission to stop and nurture themselves. Developing Tribal flow over many years (yoga/ dance fusion with live music) has just been an amazing way to of helping people express themselves and move with joy and freedom, this has taught me so much about the power of movement and music.

My life has been blessed in so many ways, yet like we all do I have struggled and faced many challenges, all of which I realise now have allowed me to feel a deeper sense of empathy and have inspired me to find ways to help facilitate change in other peoples’ lives.

I want to meet people where they are at and support them towards achievable goals for long term change.

Combining my skills in counselling, Ayurveda and Yoga has allowed for me to be able to work with people in a holistic way, understanding  them  as a unique individual on a unique journey.

Ayurveda has changed my life in so many profound ways and sharing this Ancient wisdom in a way people can relate to and apply in a simple way into their lives is something that I am extremely passionate about.

Anjali means offering and I have created Anjali Ayurveda as my offering to the community, I look forward to sharing Ayurveda with you.

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Melissa Juchau

Melissa has a passion for movement-based therapy. In 2013 She completed her training in Japanese yoga as an Oki Do instructor and followed on in 2015 to train as a Zenthai shiatsu therapist. She also facilitates zenthai flow workshops and specialises in pregnancy zenthai. She encourages people to listen to their own internal guidance system, fine tuning to their own innate knowledge and alignment.

Melissa offers intuitive touch with awareness and respect of each individual’s needs. She provides a safe space, appreciating the unique quality of each body. Softening areas of tension, unravelling and allowing relief in all areas of body, mind and spirit, reminding you of who you naturally are and feeling at home in oneself.


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“Inspired activating my inner expression following the path of Ayurveda offering this truly unique ancient philosophy”

Jacqui studied with the Australian Institute of Ayurveda (AIAS) with one of Australasia’s leading Ayurvedic Doctors, Dr Ajit. Following Ayurvedic principles, Jacqui is offering Abhyanga massage, Shirodara, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations and Chakra Sparsha massage. A unique subtle yet profound vibrational healing therapy designed to harmonise the movement of energy through the Chakras (energy centers).

Ayu ‘Life’ Veda ‘Knowledge’. Ayurveda (Science of Life) is one of the greatest gifts rishis and sages (great yogis) of ancient India gifted mankind. Traditionally recited as sutras and mantra in oral presentation, it was not until these great sages recorded these sanskrit verses into writing.Today these scripts are known as the Vedas. The four most sacred and oldest written records in the history of mankind.

Nestled in the foothills of Uki. Jacqui appreciates the tastes and flavours of global culture while deeply respecting language, ritual and ceremonies practiced through out the world. Having traversed nearly every continent visiting over thirty countries before age twenty-five. Jacqui’s intuitive wisdom, compassionate nature, pursuit of peace and multiculturalism led her onto India at an early age. A seeker for truth. Over the last fifteen years Jacqui spent many years in India training with numerous teachers and completed multiple vipassana meditation courses, ceremonies and yoga teacher trainings world wide.

In 2016, a seed was planted, birthing a profound appreciation for Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy. This ignited a vision to serve people using these ancient Ayurvedic teachings. Jacqui’s work supports people to restore their health and align with nature. Ayurveda considers each individuals diet, lifestyle and relationship with oneself and the world. A truly holistic approach for one to experience total wellbeing and prevention of disease. In addition Jacqui works with the subtle body to promote deeper healing using mantra and energy work integrating therapeutic touch, sound and gems specific to each Chakra.

Jacqui is devoted to supporting you along your journey to optimal health through the path of Ayurveda.

For more information email sukhaseed@gmail.com

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