A message to my beautiful community,

Due to the impact of COVID19 and because I wish to make every effort to contribute to the health and safety of our community I will not be offering any body treatments until further notice.

I am however continuing to offer health consultations online and highly encourage you to take this option as now is such an important time to be focusing on your health.

All health consultations include a health plan created specifically to suit you, your constitution, your health requirements, your lifestyle and your circumstances.

If you wish to book a consultation you are welcome to contact me directly on;

0488799836 or email Gopali@anjaliayurveda.com.au

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your health journey,

Yours in good health,


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14 Jun 2019

The Ayurvedic perspective on fasting

To fast or not to fast?   Today I am fasting for spiritual reasons, it is an auspicious day for fasting so it got me thinking about fasting as it is a popular topic right now. So I write this from my half-delirious fasting state, so excuse me if I don't communicate all that effectively!! I don't fast all that well, I'm not like oh wow I feel so much energy without food... I should do this every day. I'm a bit more like kids back off today because you don't want to mess with me  I'm fasting and shit could get real. And as always "my dosha made me do it".   The pitta aspect of me needs food…
The Ayurvedic perspective on fasting
An Ayurvedic guide to surviving winter
6 Jun 2018

An Ayurvedic guide to surviving winter

Ayurveda is an ancient Vedic health and wellness system and is the sister science of yoga. Ayurveda literally means “the science of life”. Ayurveda offers profound wisdom as to how to live a healthy and balanced life; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. One of the fundamental principles of Ayurveda is that one must live harmoniously with nature in order to maintain balance and enjoy optimum health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many more modern interpretations of healthy living do not acknowledge the importance of adjusting diet and lifestyle according to the rhythms of nature as Ayurveda does. Eating and living according to the seasons is such a simple way to improve your health and wellbeing. So how do we apply this ancient…
4 Jan 2016

Ayurvedic winter recipes

Ayurveda teaches us to embrace natures cycles, winter is a time of rejuvenation, a time to go inward and nurture ourselves. Warm soup, spices, fires, sipping herbal teas, Ugg boots and of course soaking up the warmth of a beautiful hot yoga practice. Here are a few of my winter favourite recipes 🙂 Kitchari: Ingredients: 1 cup basmati rice (washed 7 times in cold water) 1 cup mung dhal (washed) 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1 teaspoon cumin seeds 1 piece of ginger, finely chopped 1 very small pinch of asafetida 1 teaspoon ground coriander 2 tablespoons ghee 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon. Salt 1 teaspoon fennel seeds Preparation: Wash rice and mung dhal in cold…
Ayurvedic winter recipes


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